Soaking Tub

This unique, restorative hot tub heats water using a specialized Japanese woodstove. The tub itself is made of Douglas Fir, which not only has strong natural heat insulation, but is also beneficial for your body and the environment. The wood fired heat will bring incredible relaxation to your joints and muscles. Our soaking tub package includes the wood stove, the wood tub, a paddle for stirring, a wood lid, and wood seats that sit inside the tub. The tub comes in three sizes.

Our Clients

  • Migration Brewing
  • Caio Vito
  • Davis Street Tavern
  • Harlo Interactive
  • Coffee House 5
  • The Rivertap (Hood River)
  • Laughing Mountain Tea House (Hood River)
  • Skyhigh Brewery (Corvallis)
  • The Dogwood Cocktail Cabin (Bend)